Monday, May 23, 2016

Shoppe Update // Travelogue

Ahh, my favorite theme: travel :)

I designed a new collection of printables and digital stamps for the In a Creative Bubble shoppe and it's perfect for documenting any adventure, big or small. Travelogue features versatile and clean designs with phrases that encourage you to record your explorations and travel experiences. There are several new journaling card sets, printable elements for embellishing your projects, and two digital stamp sets. I also set up a handy bundle in the shoppe if you're interested in the whole collection (and you get 10% off!) :) Here's a look at all the new designs:

Travelogue Journaling Cards No.1

Travelogue Journaling Cards No.2

Travelogue Journaling Cards No.3

Travelogue Prompt Cards

Travelogue Elements No.1

Travelogue Digital Stamps No.1

Travelogue Digital Stamps No.2

I know I'll get a lot of use out of these when I document my summer adventures, and I hope you enjoy using them as well! (Any fun travel plans?) Happy travels, everyone! ✈

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 Project Life // Washington D.C.

Back in March, I spent a couple of days with family in Virginia & Washington DC. I haven't been there in 15(!) years, so it was a lot of fun exploring and experiencing these places as an adult. I have barely any recollection of our past trips since I probably spent most of my time playing with my cousins, ha.

We hung out at the National Mall, got to visit a few of the Smithsonian museums, catch up with relatives, and my favorite thing - see the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin. Pure magic. I'll have to catch up with blogging some photos for my (sadly neglected) Travel Tuesday posts but since I finished my Project Life spreads summarizing this trip, I thought I'd post those first!

Here's a look at the double-page spread together:

This trip inspired me to make a set of Washington DC printable cards (+ digital stamps), and I used several of those to document my adventures. Here's the left side:

In a Creative Bubble products: Washington DC cards (DC card, Nation's Capital card), Recorded cards no.4 (Adventurers cards), Washington DC digital stamps, Foodie digital stamps

I used digital brushes right on my photos before printing, for some subtle embellishing. I take so many photos when I travel and I love coming across gems like this one that stand out to me - the silhouettes of my family, walking around in DC during sunset.

Here's the right side:

In a Creative Bubble products: Washington DC cards (wander card), Spring cards (hello spring card), Recorded cards no.3 (everyday explorers card), Local Wanderer digital stamps, Washington DC digital stamps, Magic digital stamps

Combined a digital stamp from the Local Wanderer set and the 'Georgetown' stamp from the DC set and added them right on this photo. The buildings in Georgetown are so beautiful.

I couldn't get enough of the cherry blossoms! The digital stamps here are from the Magic set :)

Other products used:

This was a super fun trip and I'm glad I got a summary of it in my Project Life. I do want to make a more detailed mini-album, but that's on my long list of future projects. Happy Wednesday! xo.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shoppe Update

Happy May! Today I'm sharing my latest release over at the In a Creative Bubble shoppe :) I was quite inspired by some recent everyday adventures and my trip to China that I ended up designing seven new printables and four digital stamp sets! You can find all the new sets here, and I'll talk a bit more about each of the designs down below.

Little Moments Journaling Cards
Ever heard of the phrase: "it's the little things that matter the most?" That's definitely what inspired this set that focuses on the simple moments in our lives. These unassuming moments may sometimes be part of routines or everyday life and can often be taken for granted, but I want to take the opportunity to highlight and document them. One thing that I always think about it is to savor the little moments I have with my niece and nephew. They're at such a fun age right now and I'll definitely miss this when they're older so I want to make sure to document things like what they're saying or fun everyday stuff we do at home!

Little Moments Digital Stamp Brushes

Bad Day Journaling Cards
Not every day is a good day. Life is full of ups and downs, and I know as documenters we like to keep it real and record both the good and bad stuff in our albums. This set focuses on the theme of a bad day and hopefully you'll find it useful in documenting real life happenings. My personal favorite is the 'adulting is hard' card - so very true.

Bad Day Digital Stamp Brushes

Friendship Journaling Cards
This set came about all because I wanted to make a card that said '#squadgoals', ha. These cards were a lot of fun to design though and I enjoyed playing with this color scheme and trying out new patterns!

In the Woods Journaling Cards
This is personally my favorite theme/set this release! :) I was very inspired by my recent trip to China, where we visited a famous national forest park known for its scenic views and pillars of quartz-sandstone. I wanted to design a set of outdoors-y themed cards which I could use to document my trip, so I made these cards. Fear not, these are just general outdoors/mountain-themed cards though and are not China related at all, so they can be used for any of your outdoor adventures.

In the Woods Digital Stamp Brushes

San Francisco Journaling Cards
Yay, another set of travel cards to add to my growing collection! It's been a couple of years since I last went to San Francisco, and I'm hoping a trip back there is in my future. We did all the tourist-y stuff in the past and I went there a couple of times when I was a kid, but I want to go back as an adult for the coffee, cool neighborhoods + local shops, and the creative community :) Anyway, this set was another fun one to design. I went with a bright color scheme and illustrated the iconic Golden Gate bridge!

San Francisco Digital Stamp Brushes

Recorded Journaling Cards no.5
Another set to add to my Recorded series :) I love having these cards in my album - simple & clean designs + black & white make them super versatile and easy to use in my spreads. I designed a few new configurations to add to the mix this time around and am definitely planning to continue this ongoing series of cards. I love that you guys love these cards as much as I do!

Days Journaling Cards
Going back to the idea of simple & clean, I wanted a set of days of the week cards to use in my album. I designed this set with that minimalist and classic look in mind. These cards are perfect for jotting down some highlights from your day, and I included a few other cards if you're doing PL weekly or monthly as well!

That's all for this super-sized release! Hope you find something that catches your eye and thank you for shopping in my small shoppe :) Be sure to follow @inacreativebubble on Instagram for inspiration from fellow crafters, info about the shoppe, and sneak peeks for upcoming releases.

Happy Thursday everyone! xo.