Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BPC + SC // New Classes!

I'm excited to announce I'm teaching the latest installment of the Pocket Prompts series over at Big Picture Classes. You can check out Pocket Prompts | 13 for photography, journaling, and pocket page inspiration. Here's the full description for my class:

Ready to learn more techniques, tips, and project ideas for your pocket-based, memory-keeping projects? Each month, we'll bring you a new Pocket Prompts class from an inspiring pocket-page maker. This month, Geralyn Sy will be sharing five photo prompts and five journaling prompts, as well as a look into her process of putting a page together from start to finish. It's sure to be a great time!

I hope you check it out! I also teach a Letterpress class at BPC if you're interested in learning more about that one as well.

As for Studio Calico, there are two awesome new workshops to look forward to:

1. Everyday Videography // Capture your memories in a new way! Join videographer Nicole Cole of 314 Productions for an in-depth look at the ins and outs of phone videography. Nicole walks you through the process of planning, shooting, and editing different types of videos and shares tips and tricks designed to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re recording everyday events or putting together a sentimental graduation video, you’ll learn how to document every occasion with style. Everyday Videography begins March 1st.

2. Mini-book Library 2016 // Build your Mini Book Library with Studio Calico! Enroll in our Mini Book Mini Workshops and create six unique books to hold 2016’s biggest memories. April Foster, Caylee Grey, Lisa Truesdell, Tina Aszmus, Karen Baker and Stephanie Bryan will each be sharing a different style of mini book in this series of workshops.

I'm personally really excited about both topics. Videography is something I'm going to try and explore more of this year, especially since I'm documenting this year with the 1 Second Everyday app. Mini-books are super fun and I love using them to record trips and specific topics. Cannot wait to be inspired in both classes!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shoppe Update

Happy February everyone! I'm glad it's a leap year because I feel like the days are just flying on by. I can use all the extra time I can get! Today, I wanted to share my latest shoppe update with you. You can see all the new products here, or stick around as usual for more ramblings about the designs.

Just a note, due to limited space, I'm also retiring a bunch of products in my shoppe so that I make room for new releases each month. I'll be giving you a couple of weeks' notice before they're retired and all products that will be removed can be found in the Last Chance section of the store. Ok, announcement over! Here's what's new to the shoppe:

XOXO Journaling Cards
Starting off with my favorite set this month, the love themed journaling cards. These sets were a labor of love since I incorporated some of my own handdrawn illustrations and brush script into the designs. I had the idea to create a set of 4x4 cards that can be used to make an easy-to-assemble mini-album for your favorite person, but I made sure the designs can also be trimmed down to 3x4 for pocket page spreads. Yay, versatility!

XOXO Digital Stamp Brushes
The XOXO cards needed a coordinating set of digital stamps :) I'm really happy with how these turned out. I digitized my brush script (xoxo and love) and handdrawn illustrations (the florals) to include in this set, and I made sure to have a good mix of clean type and a bit of whimsy when I designed this.

Rise & Shine Journaling Cards
My Project Life album focuses on a lot of everyday stories, many of which can be identified by the time of day. This set is all about those morning stories and routines, and I chose bright and happy colors for these cards.

Sweet Dreams Journaling Cards
Of course I had to make evening-themed cards to coordinate with the morning ones! I chose cooler tones and the designs are ones that would work well by themselves or paired with the Rise & Shine cards when telling a larger story about the entire day. My favorite pairing is the early bird/night owl cards :)

AM & PM Digital Stamp Brushes
These stamps are designed to coordinate with the Rise & Shine cards + Sweet Dreams cards and are perfect to use for decorating your photos. I'm kinda obsessed with the 'awesome' stamp and think it looks great alone or paired with the 'morning' or 'evening' stamps.

Recorded Journaling Cards no.3
Another set of cards to join my Recorded series! The black & white color scheme make these cards incredibly versatile and I made sure to keep the designs clean and simple so you can use them for any project. I really love using them and am often reprinting duplicates since I go through them so fast, and I'm so glad you all are enjoying this series of cards as well.

Color Swatch Journaling Cards
These new color swatch cards may look simple but they are incredibly useful! Pair them with a 2.5" square photo and add a date stamp for a simple but striking card in your album. I've got grand plans to use these in my own Project Life!

That's all for now, but I'll have a few new travel-themed products later on this month. Hope you like the new releases! Thanks for your continued support and have a great day! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Travel Tuesday no.35 // Taipei

Before returning home from Asia last summer, we decided to extend our stopover in Taiwan and spend a few days in the capital city. It's been eight years since our last trip here, so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore more of Taipei as well as visit my cousins living here.

Our adventures in Taipei were short but sweet. This was my first time traveling with just my mom and I took up the role of navigator while she was in charge of speaking with the locals and reading the Chinese (my Mandarin is sadly quite limited). Thankfully, there were lots of English signs anyway so we didn't really run into much trouble anywhere we went. It was really easy to get around the city with their convenient metro system :)

I'm highlighting a couple of my favorite travel photos, experiences and moments in this entry. You can see how I documented this trip in its entirety with a 6x8 mini-album here.

The food, oh the food. So good. Taiwan is known for a lot of delicious food, but two places I wanted to mention specifically are Din Tai Fung for their famous xiao long bao (soup-filled dumplings) and Ice Monster for the best and finest shaved ice I've ever eaten. Just to note, there are several Din Tai Fung locations around the world (and a few in the US!) but it was nice to go back to the place where it originated.

Taiwan is also known for their night markets and our first night in the city, my cousins took us to the Shilin Night Market. It was so big and a lot of fun wandering around, though we only ate dessert here since we just came from a eight-course dinner earlier that evening. But if I have the chance to come again, I want to try some more street food and the popular Hot Star fried chicken!

We visited the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall last time we were in Taipei, so we decided to check out the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall this time around. This national monument was constructed in honor and memory of the former president of the Republic of China. The architecture and landscaping of the place were beautiful and the Chinese garden was the perfect place to take a little break.

One of my favorite places we went to was the SongShan Cultural and Creative Park, which opened just a few years ago. Formerly a tabacco factory, the area was redeveloped and converted into a cultural centre and an art and exhibition space. It's right beside the Eslite Shopping Mall and we hung out there as well, checking out unique goods by local designers. I wasn't really aware of Taiwan's growing design scene so it was really cool to be able to admire and see lots of beautiful work by local artists at this place.

Another place that had my heart was HuaShan 1914 Creative Park. This place has a similar history to SongShan Cultural and Creative Park in that it was originally an abandoned wine factory that was converted into a cultural centre. The group of buildings house restaurants, cafes, shops, and temporary exhibits, so there's plenty to see and explore. We were here during the weekend, so the place was bustling with activity. My face was basically the heart eyes emoji as we walked around the area!

Somehow, this trip became a lot more design-focused than I had anticipated or planned, but I'm not complaining. We had a lot of fun checking out Taiwan's arts scene and while we kept our days pretty low-key, we managed to visit a lot of places on my list. I really enjoyed our time in Taipei and I definitely want to go back again in the near future!